Awake: Episode One is a thrilling interactive cinematic virtual reality experience from Start VR. Made for the HTC Vive / Vive Pro and officially selected at SXSW Virtual Cinema, Awake is technical and creative marvel using the latest Volumetric Holographic capture techniques to bring real-life human performances into VR. 

Key Makeup Artist, Special FX makeup Artist, Hair  appliance, Grooming and Hair Stylist

Two Grannies One Lambo

 How would you react if you saw two grandmas pull up in a 650hp Lamborghini? We gave two grannies keys to a Lambo, and let them drive around town to run some errands!  
Hair and Makeup

Fashion TV

 MICHAEL KAHN - This casual editorial video introduces us to published fashion model and Miss Teen California winner Jessa Cygan.