Collecting early on her inheritance, a young woman Sunny departs for Talentland to make her dreams come true only to discover that some dreams come at too high a cost.

Award Winner Head Department Hair and Makeup  168 Film Festival on August 27, 2017

The Zim

Departament Head Makeup, Hair & FX Makeup 

           The Zim is the story of one man's struggle to protect his farm and loved ones from a violent land invasion. Inspired by true events that occurred during the controversial Zimbabwean land seizures in the early 2000's, The Zim follows the story of farmer Daniel Silva (Alexander Bedria) who must decide between fleeing the country or standing his ground. William Zimunya (native Zimbabwean Tongayi Chirisa), his farmhand, is torn between loyalty to 

Beats by Dre X Rod Streat

Key Makeup Artist

Khali The Killer

 When white kids jack his Hyundai full of cash, an East L.A. hit man must come out of retirement for one last job. 

Hair , Makeup Artist and FX mAKEUP aRTIST